Dorm Hunting

Note to self: bring more than 500 next time I’m dorm searching in Manila.

I went to Sampaloc yesterday to go dorm hunting with my BF. This is an activity that–I can say, I’ll never do without a car again. I knew the University belt was one of the most notorious places in Manila primarily because of the less fortunate who tend to follow students who they think is filled with cash all the time.

So more than about a half of that 500 peso bill is spent on liquids. The other half went missing–just joking! We used it to eat at fast food. Anyways, for those who are searching for a place to stay in Manila. I hope this post can help you:

First things first, I only searched for dorms near FEU, UST and UE because I will be attending FEU this *ahem* rainy season. I’ve read a couple of posts about bedspacers, rooms for rent and dormitories near the area. BUT–I’ll only be posting the ones I like. Aside from this list, there are HUNDREDS more in the area that I may not have found yet. So just post dorms and I will be doing a follow up on them.


ALQ Condominium De Luxe – Ladies Dormitory
926 P. Campa St. Sampaloc Manila
Right beside McDo Espana – Cross the overpass.
Takes about 10 minutes tops to FEU.

Available Rooms: 2-6 person/room air-conditioned
Semi-furnished with bed & mattress. Personal Restroom.

ALQ Dormitory, up front.


  • Lock-in cabinets and drawers. AND study tables.
  • Fire alarm & escape routes.
  • Surveillance camera & guard on duty.
  • Built-in intercom. Pay phones also available.
  • Elevator service from 6AM-9PM.
  • Generator for electricity.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Rooms are cable-ready for TVs.


  • People will think you re extremely extravagant–which is not a good thing.
  • Does not include water and electricity rent.

ALQ dorm as seen in their brochure.

This is the coziest dorm I’ve ever seen. The place looks like a barricaded palace. But again, fancy means you’re prone to get mugged–especially since you’ll be going in and out of the building everyday. If it wasn’t for the place and price, I’d pick this one. But if you guys have means to protect yourselves (like I dunno, a taser?) then this should be a shoe-in.

Person to Contact: Corrie Alcancia
T. 734-0118, 346-4273 F. 733-3755 M. 0922-858-1316, 0929-353-8592
E. W. (Nope, that doesn’t exist.) FaceBook (Doesn’t look like its updated)


Holy Nazarene Dormitory
804-806 CM Recto Cor. Quezon Blvd.
Top of Mini-stop, beside Philtrust bank.

Available Rooms: 1-2, 4 or 6 person/room air-conditioned/fan-room
Semi-furnished with bed
Rates: 6pax room 3500/month aircon 2500/month fan-room
4pax room 3800/month aircon


  • Cabinet and study tables available.
  • Laundry available.
  • TV, microwave & refrigerator available.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Right beside FEU.


  • Common showers and toilet.

Everything is just right in this dorm. Its not too fancy. The tables are adequate for studying. Appliances are free to use. And the security level won’t scare off your friends. However, for those parents who wants to have their girls go to an all ladies dorm–rethink this: Holy Nazarene has 2 floors for their dorm. One for the ladies and one for the males, I assume the lounge can be used by everyone though.

This is their common area

Person to Contact: Marissa Sarmiento
T. 482-1541 M. 0933-454-5711
W. Facebook (Don’t think its updated though.)


Glorietta De Manila
776 San Sebastian St. Cor. Claro M. Recto Ave Quiapo. Manila
Get to Recto Ave. cross the road and get to KFC. San Sebastian is there. (You’ll see Finest Legacy Suites along the way too, so check it out as well.)

Available Rooms: 4, 6 or 8 person/room air-conditioned/fan-room
Semi-furnished with bed
Rates: 4pax room 1100/month, 6pax room 1200 /month 8pax 1300 /month Common restrooms
4pax room 2,400/month aircon Private bathroom

Glorietta de Manila's Veranda


  • Cabinets and study area available.
  • The lounge is perfect for guests and relaxing.
  • The dorm serves food. Ta-ching!
  • Fire alarms and exits are littered. C:
  • WiFi.
  • Rentable bed cushions. (P100/each)
  • Cleaning service. (P100 minimum)


  • This dorm is closer to UE than FEU, so most likely you won’t spend it with fellow Tamaraws.
  • You might want to take a jeep to FEU to avoid people in the streets. The Recto side of FEU can be pretty–stressful.
  • Security is not so glaring because there’s tons of staff.
  • Water and electricity not included in rent. Water’s per capita BTW.

Glorietta de Manila's rooms

Ah, this might be the ultimate dorm hangout if it wasn’t so hot. You’ll really be at home if you choose this dorm. Its just a shame that the outside isn’t as fancy as the rooms, which looks plain.

T. 733-8061 Loc. 102
E. W.


Finest Legacy Suites
778-780 San Sebastian St. Quiapo, Manila
Get to Recto Ave. cross the road and get to KFC. San Sebastian is there. If you see a huge garden, that’s Glorietta de Manila. FLS is near.

Available Rooms: 2, 4 or 6 person/room available for bedspace and room rental.
Semi-furnished with bed
Rates: 2pax 10,000/room 5000/person; 4pax 12,000/room 3000/person; 6pax 15000/person air-conditioned
2pax 8000/room 4000/person; 4pax 10,000/room 3000/person; 6pax 13,800/room


  • Reception area with pleasant staff
  • On duty security and fire safety equipment.
  • Includes cabinets, drawers with locks, and study tables.
  • All rooms come with their own private bath.


  • 10 PM Curfew!
  • No cooking policy. So you’re forced to eat out if you’re not into canned goods.
  • Excludes water and electricity.

I imagine everyone in this dorm to be prim and proper. Why? Its like they’re clean freaks. In the middle of a mud splattered Recto Ave you’ll finally find a place where you can breathe. (Considering as well, that this place is 5 floors tall… Maybe its because of the white paint?) Anyways, the dorm is pretty strict about their policies. The only odd thing I can say is–why is there a bathroom sink outside the bathroom??

T. 734-9588 M. 02-985-6848 (Wireless landline)
NOTE: Reservations are 2000 for 15 days. It serves as a deposit and can be refunded at the last day of your stay. (After the contract expires.) Electric bills should be paid every 10th-15th day and water on the 25th-30th day of the month.


Metro Dormitel
1388 Claro M. Recto Ave. Cor. T. Alonzo Cor San Bernando Santa Cruz, Manila
Royal Arranque Mall in Recto Ave. Sta Cruz

Available Rooms: This place is said to be able to service 420 boys & girls. Guess what the means…!
Fully-furnished with bed, mattress, pillow, electric fan, table and chairs. Did I miss anything?
Rates: 2pax 2800/person air-conditioned (Double deck)

Metro Dormitel up front


  • The lounge is complete with a 42″ LCD TV, DVD, Karaoke and sofas. And yes, it can be pretty social out there.
  • The price is… well–affordable.
  • There are guards. EVERYWHERE. Good luck sneaking into the girl’s area, boys!


  • DISTANCE. You HAVE to take a ride. Do you want to be late?
  • Too many people might feel like you’re in tight space.
  • Common Restrooms (But there’s alot. As in: MARAMI. And its big. I mean HUGE.)

Metro Dorm Lounge

This is a fun place to live. But–its too far away. Still worth to be on my blog though. As a sidenote: this place a featured on Unang Hirit because its a popular spot. Nice.

T. 735-5121 M. 0906-538-5024
W. MetroDorm Recto


Ria’s Ladies Dormitory (And Art Gallery… And Resto.)
Along Quezon Blvd.
From the Ministop in the Quezon-recto junction, head left. You can’t miss the huge tarp.

Available Rooms: 1, 2 or 4 person/room
Semi-furnished with bed
Rates: 2pax 3000/month air-conditioned

Yes, this is Ria's. Hard to believe there's an art galley in there.


  • It has an art gallery. AN ART GALLERY.
  • Pleasant lounge.
  • There’s an eatery downstairs


  • Common showers and toilet.

Probably one of my favorites. I love art. And the cafe downstairs looks old-fashioned awesome.

My hand was shaking because of its awesomeness. Kind of.

Person to Contact: Amy
T. 425-8993 M. 0916-675-8701


Well, I’m hungry. So I’ll continue this later.